Know The Facts About GIC Reform

Friday January 26 2018,

The Group Insurance Commission (GIC) has announced that they will reverse their decision to eliminate three Massachusetts-based health insurance carriers currently used by more than half of active employees in the GIC. This is good news, but the disruptive decision to drop carriers is not the only problem at the GIC – it is a symptom of a much larger and ongoing problem. The GIC regularly makes decisions that negatively impact the health and finances of workers with a lack of public input or transparency.

The Massachusetts AFL-CIO and unions across the Commonwelath have endorsed a suite of bills that would bring much needed reform to the GIC. Below is a summary image you can download and share on your social media, for the detailed information on legislative solutions, download and share our GIC Reform Fact Sheet: PDF icongic_needs_reform_jan_2018.pdf 

Boston News Network featured Mass. AFL-CIO Legislative Director, John Drinkwater to discuss the Group Insurance Commission's (GIC) undemocratic process resulting in the elimination of 3 health insurance providers. John's interview can be viewed below or by clicking on this link.